xb2 series 22mm red head waterproof Ip65 Charging pile Emergency Stop Button normally open

Short Description:

Product Model: HBDY5-KA-□TSD

Mounting hole size: 22MM

Switch value: Ith:10A,UI:600V

Operation type: Latching

Min.Order Quantity: 20 Piece/Pieces

Method of payment: T/T(Wire transfer),Paypal,Credit card

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Available equipment: Elevators, charging piles, automation equipment, motor vehicles, yachts, access control, automatic guided vehicles, lathes, lifts, lawn mowers

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▶Product Description:

An exigency stop switch must be largely visible in color, marker and shape to operate fluently in exigency situations. So the button must be red mushroom head with symbol of arrow, Exigency or STOP. The common sizes of mushroom head are 30 mm, 40mm or 60 mm.The direct operation medium must be set on the NC contact and have the locking function. It needs a twist, pull to release electrical connections to allow ministry renew.

Product Model Specification:

Product Model specification

Product Size:


Technical Parameter:


HBDY5-KA Series emergency stop switch 

Product model:


Mounting hole size :


Switch value:


Operation type:


Contact configuration:


Head Surface dimension:


Appearance material:


Switch button surface:PC;

Contact:Silver alloy;

Terminal type:

Screw terminal

Working environment temperature:


Connection form:

With wire

Lamp bead parameters

Protection grade:


Contact resistance:


Insulation resistance:


Electrical resistance:

AC2500V, 1min, no flicker and breakdown;


Electrical part: Operate 50,000 times under rated load without any abnormality

Mechanical part: No abnormal movement for 1000,000 times

Problems encountered by buyers:

Q: What is an emergency stop button switch?

A: “An exigency stop switch, also known as E-stop switch, E stop switch, exigency switch, kill switch, or emergency button, exigency stop drive button switch, it's a fail-safe control switch that provides safety for the ministry and for the person using the ministry.”

Q: How numerous types is the exigency stop switch?

According to the bracket of action mode, the most common emergency stop switch is divided into three kinds:

Pull release: The selector is pushed in to stop and released by pulling the selector back.

Twist release: The selector is pushed in to stop and released by twisting the selector.

Key release: The actuator is pushed in to stop and only released with a key.

lacthing pull emergency stop switch latching key release emergency stop switch 22mm red head Ip65 Emergency Stop Button
Pull release Key release
Twist release

 Q: Where is the emergency stop button usually used?

The emergency button is used to quickly stop the device when an emergency occurs. So he is usually used in some elevators, packaging machines, elevators, large mechanical equipment machines.

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