Power symbol 16mm push button metal ip67 SPDT switch for machine tool equipment

Short Description:

Product Model: HBDS1-AGQ16F-□DT(Z)/J/N(S)

Mounting Hole Size: 16MM

Switch Value: Ith: 5A, UI: 250V

Operation Type: Momentary, Latching

Min.Order Quantity: 40 Piece/Pieces

Method Of Payment: T/T(Wire transfer), Paypal, Credit card

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Available equipment: Charging piles, medical equipment, coffee machines, yachts, pump control panels, doorbells, horns, computers, motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, audio, industrial machines, machine tool equipment, purifiers, ice cream machines, model control panels

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Product Description:

5A current metal power symbol led illuminated head 16mm Push Button.There are two types of operations: self-recovery and self-locking. It supports the customized logo of Jiangguang on the head, and the factory can be arranged by sending customized files.Head waterproof ip67 can be immersed in water for a short time to work.Other heads of the same type include flat head, high head, single point, large face LED.Often used in Charging piles, medical equipment, coffee machines, yachts, pump control panels, doorbells, horns, computers, motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, audio, industrial machines, machine tool equipment, purifiers, ice cream machines, model control panels.,etc

▶Product Model Specification:


Product Size:

19mm push button Dimensions
HBDS1-AGQ16F-11E-Product size 2

Technical Parameter:

16mm Push Button power symbol switch momentary 

Product model : HBDS1-AGQ16F-□DT(Z)/J/N(S)
Mounting hole size : 16mm
Switch value: Ith:5A,UI:250V
Operation type: Momentary,Latching
Contact configuration: 1NO1NC
Appearance material: Head:Stainless steel/Nickel plated brass/PC;
Switch button surface:Stainless steel/Nickel plated brass;
Pedestal: PBT;
Contact:Silver alloy;
Terminal type: Pin terminal
Working environment temperature: -25℃~+65℃
Movement stroke: About 3.2mm
Connection form: Supporting connector/Welding wire
Lamp bead parameters
Rated voltage : 6V/12V/24V/36V/110V/220V;(Other voltages can be customized)
Rated current: ≤20mA
Led color: Red/Green/Yellow/Orange/Blue/White
Led life: 50000 hours
Protection grade: IP67
Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
Electrical resistance: AC2500V, 1min, no flicker and breakdown
Electrical part: Operate 50,000 times under rated load without any abnormality
Mechanical part: No abnormal movement for 1000,000 times

Problems Encountered By Buyers:

Q: Can you provide the wiring diagram for the lower two-color button?

A:  “Hi,Regarding the wiring diagram of the product, we have a special blog that mentions the wiring method. You can go to the news page of our official website to check the specific wiring method. Click here to go.”

Q: Are there any buttons smaller than this body?

A: “We have a button with a 16mm mounting hole waterproof ip67 small body switch, can it meet your request.”

Q:Are the threads on the switch metal or plastic?

A: “This series of pushbutton switches uses a 304 stainless steel housing body.

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* Founded in 2003 and experienced in the field of pushbutton switches for more than 20 years.

* We have a complete production line, advanced production equipment, experimental equipment and testing instruments, in strict accordance with the requirements of IS09001 quality assurance system.

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Multiple regional offices: Italy, South Korea, Shenzhen, Czech, Spain, South Africa and so on.
* Participated in several exhibitions: Munich, Germany, Korea Electronics Show, Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair, Japan, India, the United States and other international exhibitions.* A number of technical patents: CCC(CQC), UL, Rohs, TUV, UL,CE, etc.

* Main production buttons: Anti-vandal metal push button switches(which are waterproof), plastic push button switches, high current switches for equipment control and panel mounting, micro travel switches(which can be used in elevator),touch switch ,20a high current switch, signal lamp(indicator), buzzers and push button accessories.

* Large quantity can enjoy a certain discount.

*Where can our push button switches be used?Control box,elevator,moving train,industrial lathe machine,New energy machine Charging pile,ice cream machine,blender,Coffee machine,control panel,motorcycle,Cutting Machine,Machine tool equipment,Medicalequipment,automation equipment,solar equipment,yacht,security check equipment,heating equipment,CNC equipment,control handles,Audio equipment,diy panel.,etc 

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