◎ How does the Bi-color LED switch work?

Bi-colour LEDs contain two LEDs connected in ‘inverse parallel’. The two LEDs are often green and red. This means if current flows one way through the device the LED lights green, and if current flows the other way the LED lights red.The most common use environment is the signal light.Usually red and green are used, and red stands for warning to remind people of matters needing attention.Green represents the security, can pass can run can start a state.


So how does the Bi-color LED switch work?How do you tell whether a button is two-color or three-color?

 For example, the best-selling AGQ anti-damage buttons:

This button supports multiple head types and is ip67 waterproof. There are three options for light type: 1. Monochrome, 2. Bi-color, 3. Tri-color


>>Monochrome button switch here is not a description of the expansion, usually has five pins terminal, Contains Three pins function terminal and Two pins LED lamp terminal.


>>Bi-button switches will have six pins terminal,contains 3 function pins, 1 bead anode, 2 bead cathode.(Can refer to the illustration below)




Method of use

 bi-color led connection method


>>The tri-color button switch has one more light pin terminal than the bi-color button.There are seven pins terminal,contains three function pins terminal, 1 bead anode, 3 bead cathode.(Can refer to the illustration below)The color can be red, green, blue, yellow, white, or orange as required. Customers who buy the anti-vandal Tri-color button switch can switch the light color according to their preferences.At the same time, we also designed for the purchase of three-color button friends developed a new three-color large current metal button. Affordable, high quality products. With the purchase of this button, we will distribute the connector for free so that the buyer can connect the connection more quickly.Click to learn more~



Method of use




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