◎ How to connect the 1NO1NC latching LED pushbutton to make the button light always on?


If you’ve recently acquired a 1NO1NC latching LED pushbutton and want to know how to keep the LED light always on, you’re in the right place. Latching LED pushbuttons are versatile components used in various applications, and understanding how to control their LED illumination can be beneficial for specific use cases. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting the pushbutton to achieve the desired result.

Step 1: Understanding the 1NO1NC Latching LED Pushbutton:

Before we delve into the connection process, let’s briefly understand the basics of a 1NO1NC latching LED pushbutton. These pushbuttons come with two sets of contacts: Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC). They provide the convenience of two separate circuit paths, enabling you to control different functionalities with a single switch.

Step 2: Connecting the LED Circuit:

To keep the LED light always on, you need to ensure that the LED circuit remains continuously powered. Follow these steps:

1. Connect one terminal (anode) of the LED and COM (common) of the button to the anode of the power supply.

2. Connect the other terminal (cathode) of the LED to one port of the load.

3. The button NC normally closed port is connected to the cathode of the load and power supply.

Step 3: Operating the Latching LED Pushbutton:

Now that you’ve connected the LED circuit, let’s understand how the latching pushbutton operates:

1. Press the pushbutton once: The NC contact closes, completing the LED circuit, and the LED lights up.
2. Press the pushbutton again: The NO contact opens, breaking the LED circuit, and the LED turns off.
3. To keep the LED always on, press the pushbutton and then use the latching mechanism to keep it in the ON position.

Step 4: Exploring Applications:

Latching LED pushbuttons with continuously lit LEDs find applications in scenarios where visual indicators are essential, such as status notifications, power indication, and machine control. They are commonly used in industrial machinery, control panels, automation systems, and automotive applications.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected and learned how to keep the LED light always on with a 1NO1NC latching LED pushbutton. This knowledge opens up various possibilities for enhancing the functionality and visual aspects of your projects. Our metal push button switches, including the 22mm illuminated push button, offer exceptional quality control and reliability for your diverse needs.

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