◎ What are the different types of micro switches types?

What is a Micro Switch?

A micro switch, also known as a micro push button switch, possesses a compact structure and a short stroke, hence also called a micro switch. Micro switches typically consist of an actuator, a spring, and contacts. When an external force acts on the actuator, the spring causes the contacts to make or break, thereby altering the electrical state of the switch. These switches are commonly used in industrial control, automation equipment, and household appliances to achieve circuit triggering under specific conditions. Micro switches feature sensitive triggering, compact structure, and long service life, hence are widely adopted in numerous applications.

What are the different types of micro switches types?

Micro switches can be classified into various types based on their purpose and functionality.

Types by Contact:

1. SPST Micro Switch: It has a single contact that can toggle between open or closed positions. Also, our popular SPDT micro switches in the 12SF, 16SF, and 19SF series push button switches. With an ultra-thin housing, they are widely used in various scenarios, favored by many customers.

2. SPDT Micro Switch: It has a single contact but can be connected to two different circuits, allowing the switching of circuit connections between two different positions.

Types by Head:

1. Flat Head Without Light: This type of micro switch typically has a flat head without additional indicator lights or display functions. It is used in general switch applications, such as simple start-up operations for controlling electrical devices.

2. High Head: It has a more prominent head design, making it easier to touch or operate the button switch head. It is helpful in complex environments or when frequent operations are required, such as on manual control panels.

3. Ring Led Head: A micro switch with a ring shaped head features a glowing ring around the head. This glowing area can be an LED light or another light source used to indicate the switch’s status or provide additional visual effects. This type of switch is commonly used for visual indication or decorative purposes, such as in electronic device switch panels or decorative lighting fixtures.

4. Ring And Power Symbol Head: This type of micro switch head design usually has a power symbol and a ring, used to indicate the power status. When the switch is turned on, the symbol usually lights up or changes color to indicate that the device is turned on; conversely, when it is turned off, the symbol may extinguish or display a different color.

In Conclusion

In this article, we delved into the concept of micro switches and their various types. As a vital electrical switch, micro switches are widely used in industrial control, automation equipment, and household appliances. Through micro switches, we can achieve precise control and triggering of circuits, providing crucial support for device safety and functionality.

Furthermore, our micro switch products not only feature IP67 waterproofing, ensuring stable operation in harsh environments, but also support multi-color illumination, adding more options and aesthetics to your devices. If you are looking for high-quality, reliable micro switches, our products are your best choice.

Whether you are looking for industrial-grade metal Push switches or replacement parts for household appliances, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs. Feel free to contact our customer service team for more information on our micro switch products. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and products.