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Why develop HBDY5-201 series industrial switch?

With the continuous development and demand of electronic equipment, our demand for high-performance, high-quality, and low-price push button industrial switch is becoming increasingly urgent. In order to meet this demand in the market, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest research and development products – 201 series. This product will bring a new user experience and provide customers with more reliable and efficient solutions.

HBDY5-201 series industrial switch

HBDY5-201 series push button industrial switch are a product series with well-designed and reliable performance. The mounting hole diameter of this series of push button industrial switches is 22mm, which can meet the installation needs of a variety of application scenarios. Its head designs include flat head, high head, knob, key button and emergency stop button, etc., suitable for different operating needs. This series of push button industrial switch have excellent performance with a rated current of 10A and a rated voltage of 600V, and can work stably and reliably in various circuit environments. Whether in the fields of electrical control systems, automation equipment, security systems or industrial control, HBDY5-201 series push button industrial switch can provide reliable operation and protection and are your ideal choice.

 HBDY5-201 series industrial switch 22mm

HBDY5-201 series industrial switch product features in 3 aspects

High voltage capacity:

With the characteristics of 600V voltage products, it can be used to handle high voltage loads and can easily meet the needs of various high-power electronic equipment to ensure stable operation of the circuit.

Screw foot terminal:

It has good mechanical strength and stability, and can effectively fix the push button industrial switch to prevent it from loosening or shaking during use.

NO or NC contact:

Normally open and normally closed single set of contacts, customers can freely assemble two normally open, two normally closed, three normally open and other contact combinations according to needs to adapt to various circuits.


3 major HBDY5-201 series industrial switch product advantages

Advantage 1-Economical and affordable:

Environmentally friendly plastic shell makes the purchase cost more affordable. The low-priced design makes our push button industrial switch the most cost-effective option, providing more flexibility and feasibility for your project.

Advantage 2-New installation method:

Press to fix the buckle device, and the installation and removal process can be easily solved in just 1 second.

Advantage 3-New design:

Independent product device, integrated lamp beads, more convenient for maintenance and procurement


HBDY5-201 series industrial switch Product applications

Our products are not only vital in industrial control and automation equipment sectors but are also widely applicable in DIY projects, elevator safety systems, as well as marine and automotive industries. Whether you’re on a factory production line, engaged in DIY projects at home, or seeking reliable operation in elevators and vehicles, our products meet your needs. Committed to delivering high-quality and dependable products, we ensure optimal performance and protection across various applications.

In general, the HBDY5-201 series push button industrial switch have become an ideal choice in various application scenarios with their excellent design and reliable performance. Whether you are in the fields of electrical control systems, automation equipment, safety systems or industrial control, our products can provide you with stable and reliable operation and protection. If you are interested in our products or want to know more information, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your attention and support!