◎ How to install push button on off? How to understand the functional pins terminal of the 5 pin switch?

There are three connection methods for metal button switches or indicator lights: 1. Connector connection method; 2. Terminal connection method; 3. Pin welding method, which can be selected according to the type of product. Usually our company’s AGQ series buttons and GQ series buttons are connected by button connectors specially produced by the company. The connectors have quick disassembly, good contact performance, reliable protective terminals, and are easy to use and labor-saving. Most of the other button series or signal lights are connected by binding posts and pin welding.



So how do you mount the button on the panel?

Method flow:

1. Remove the thread on the button of the product received.

2. Place the button and O-ring over the aperture.

3. Finally use a wrench or hand tighten the thread

4. After completing the above steps, the button can be installed on the panel.

Remove the screw thread Will button be placed on the panel Finally use hand tighten the screw thread Or-tighten-the-threads-with-a-wrench



How to understand the functional pins terminal of the 5 pin switch?

The 5 pins terminal usually indicates that the button is a button with LED. Three functional pins termianl , two LED lamp pins terminal. 
1. “No” means Normally Open function foot; 
2. “NC” means normally closed functional foot; 
3. “C” represents the common functional foot; 
4. The pins on both sides are the anode and cathode of the LED lamp respectively. 


Description of button switch pin

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