◎ Basic knowledge of metal switch buttons

When the metal switch button is lightly pressed, the two sets of contact points work together, the normally closed contact is disconnected, and the normally open contact is closed. In order to better mark the function of each button switch and prevent wrong operation, the button switch cap is generally made of different appearance colors to indicate the difference, and its appearance colors include red, green, black, yellow, blue, white, etc. The switch button can complete basic controls such as start, stop, forward and reverse, speed change and interlock. The main parameters, types, installation hole specifications, number of contacts and current capacity of the contacts are specified in the product copy list.

For example, bright red indicates the stop button switch, green indicates the start button switch, etc. Generally, each switch button has two sets of contact points. Each pair of contacts consists of a normally open contact and a normally closed contact. Yueqing Dahe Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of switch buttons, indicator lights, plastic button switches, metal button switches, waterproof button switches, rocker switches, rocker switches, keyboard button switches, and travel switches. The products are widely used in machinery equipment, CNC lathes, electric power engineering, electronic devices, control, medical equipment, banking, shipbuilding, household appliances, industrial automation, information technology and other industries. It is one of the preferred products for domestic high-end users.

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Metal switch buttons common push button switch categories and features:

Open type: mainly used for embedding and fixing on the button switch board,

on the panel of the control cabinet or console. numbered K.

Protection type: with a protective casing, it can prevent the internal button switch parts from being damaged by mechanical equipment or people touching live parts, the number is H.

Waterproof type: with a sealed case to prevent the entry of rainwater. numbered S.

Anti-corrosion type: can avoid the entry of chemical corrosive gases. numbered F.

Explosion-proof type: It can be used in areas containing flammable and explosive gases and dust without causing explosion, such as coal mining and other areas. numbered B.

Knob type: The actual operation contact point is rotated by hand, and there are two parts on and off, which is generally panel-mounted. Number is X.

Key type: use the key to insert and rotate to perform actual operation, which can avoid wrong operation or provide for the actual operation by special personnel. numbered Y.

Emergency stop type: There is a big bright red mushroom button head prominent.