◎ What are the types of buttons switch?

There are many types of buttons, and the way of classification will be different. Common buttons include buttons such as key buttons, knobs, joystick types, and lighted type buttons.

Several types of push button switches:

1. Protection type button: A button with a protective shell, which can be placed inside the button parts that are damaged by mechanical damage or the electric shock part of the human body. Generally, it is a button of the high-current plastic series (La38, Y5, K20). When purchasing, the button head protection cover, Warning ring and other accessories, thus producing a protective effect.
2. Start disconnect button [normally closed button]:  In the static state, the switch contact is a kind of button to turn on the power, the switch model contains 01.
3. Start closed button [normally open button]:  In the static state, the switch contact is a kind of button that is disconnected, and the switch model contains 10.
4. One normally open and one normally close button [metal button]:  In the static state, the switch contact has a button that is connected and disconnected [customers can achieve different effects according to different wiring], the switch model contains 11].
5. Illuminated button: The button is equipped with a signal light device. In addition to the function of the button, it also has a signal indication function. The switch model contains D.
6. Waterproof type button: With a sealed waterproof device, it can prevent rainwater intrusion. (Most of our company’s buttons are equipped with waterproof function. Metal buttons and plastic buttons are basically ip65. AGQ series, high-current metal buttons and piezoelectric series button switches are waterproof and can reach ip67 or ip68.)
7. Emergency type button: It has a big red mushroom head protruding from the outside, which can be used as a button for emergency power off. The switch model contains M or TS.
8. Startup type button: A button that is often used on switch panels, control cabinets, or console panels (high-current buttons used in large equipment).
9. Rotation type button: Optional operating contacts, with two-position and three-position energized, with X in the switch model.
10. key type button: Operation by key insertion and rotation, preventing wrong operation or only for special personnel, Y is included in the switch model.

11.Combination button: A button with a combination of buttons, with S in the model number.